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The UK-Cigars list was conceived from the odd posting to A.S.C (alt.smokers.cigars) by a few British and Irish people. From those postings, about 8 people arranged to met in London (only 6 turned up) for "The Herf in Old London Town" (T H O L T).

The report was duly posted on ASC as well as Paul Dixon's web site. From there, more people expressed an interest, and they began to email one another, bypassing ASC. The group decided that what they needed was either a new news group, or a list serve.

The UK-Cigars List serve was born on Wednesday 20th May 1998. the First message was sent by the owner of the List, Peter Embling, on Friday May 22nd 1998 at 03:24 with that memorial message

"Test" !

From perhaps about 10 people from the start it has grown to at least 62 people.

On 13th July 1999 the official UK-Cigars Web site was created from Paul Dixon's original "Cigar Pages" and as from 1st Jan 2000 had is own address.


Once or Twice a year, as many "UK-Cigars-ers" (we should have a better name say UKCers) plus others, get to together in London for THOLT (see above) There are other "mini-herfs" whenever a few of us get together .

UK-Cigar Characters

Just look at the posts - you will soon discover them!