Norman Hull

It is with deep regret guys that Norman, dear friend and husband to Hilary, died Tue, 9 Oct 2001 at around 8pm of Cancer.

Those who had attended some of the herfs in London had met Norman and his wife Hilary as part of the Cornwall crew. Whilst Norman was a non smoker he always enjoyed attending the herfs whenever he could and thought the atmosphere and camaraderie was amazing. He had been diagnosed with Prostate cancer almost 5 years ago and since then had vowed to travel the world as much as possible with the Cornwall crew. We had visited many places and drunk rum in some of the best rum producing countries on many occasion including Cuba twice. Never once did Norman complain about his cancer, or the fact that we always seemed to be visiting cigar shops or factories...he took it all in his stride.

He will be sorely missed by his wife Hilary, son Brian and daughter Debbie. He will also be missed in no small part by myself and Georgina my wife. He managed to get me into trouble for getting drunk in some of the nicest places in the world and it was Norm who introduced me to the delights of rum drinking...somehow that just won't be the same again.

Please light up a good one for Norm in his memory and drink to warm thoughts of him as well. Please celebrate the life of a true gentleman and drinking partner of the Cornwall Crew

Norm RIP