Jose L. Piedra


Have you ever wondered what cigars the Cubans smoke? Does a cane cutter after a long day in the sugar fields, relax with a Partagas Series D? Does the latterday 'Old Man of the Sea' celebrate his catch with a Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill? No doubt they'd like to, but the answer is

Cubans may well have the most educated tobacco palates in the world, but they all understand that their finest cigars, the Habanos, must go to earn valuable export income.

So, what do they smoke?

Jose L. Piedra

The answer is a cigar that's the country towns of Cuba from tobaccos, not quite of the standard demanded for Habanos, but still tasty. It's rolled by hand using short filler leaves in a way that may not show the well-tailored elegance of a 'grande marque' cigar, but still smokes well.

Such cigars as these are sold under the name of Jose L. Piedra - Cuban Country Cigars.

There are three different sizes on sale in Britain - the Cazadores, the Conservas and the Nacionales - Don't be fooled by the appearence of "a glass top humidor!"