San Cristóbal de La Habana

San Cristobal logo

The latest and probably the last of the new series of Havana brands launched since 1996 has been given the original name of the city of Havana when it was founded by settlers back in 1519 - San Cristóbal (St. Christopher) de La Habana.

The brand boasts four sizes, each of which is named after one of the forts that defended the city in its heyday as the hub of the Spanish empire in Latin America. Two of the sizes, La Fuerza and El Morro, are entirely new and are unique to the San Cristóbal brand.

Size Name Factory Size Name Dimensions
El Principe Minuto 4 3/8" (111 mm) x 42
La Punta Campana 51/2"(140 mm) x 52
La Fuerza Gordito (NEW SIZE) 51/2" (141 mm) x 50
El Morro Paco (NEW SIZE) 7 1/8"(180 mm) x 49

The first public tasting of San Cristóbal took place in Havana at a launch dinner on 20th November and early reports indicate that San Cristóbal has a rich, full flavour.

The La Corona factory developed the blend of tobaccos for the brand and all production will take place there for the time being.