Cigar Trivia Quiz

© 1999 by Ian Pepper, & reproduced with kind permission

1) Jose L. Piedra is an old Cuban brand name recently introduced to these islands. What does the L stand for?
a) Luis
b) Louis
c) Lee
d) None of the above.

2) A Churchill is a popular Cuban vitola. What is the Cuban factory name for a Churchill?
a) Diademas
b) Romeo
c) Julieta 2
d) Gran corona

3) What brand of cigar are/were sold under the name BEHIKE in South America?
a) Los Statos de Luxe
b) Davidoff
c) Cohiba
d) Vegas Robaina

4) Lew Rothman and his wife (and business partner) own JR Cigars of America. What is Lew's wife’s first name?a
a) Courtney
b) Linda
c) Mary-Ellen
d) Lavonda

5) In what country is the Morro Castle brand of cigars made?
a) Nicaragua.
b) Indonesia.
c) Ireland
d) Cuba

6) The Partagas Serie D. No. 4 is a very popular robusto. What is "Serie D. No. 4" an abbreviation for?
a) Serie Du Connoisseur No. 4
b) Serie Diadema No.4
c) Serie Dupont No. 4
d) None of the above

7) Where are Graycliff cigars made?
a) Dominican Republic
b) USA
c) Costa Rica
d) Bahamas

8) What are the exact dimensions in inches by ring gauge of a Partagas Lusitania?
a) 7" x 47
b) 6 1/8" x 52
c) 7 5/8 x 49
d) 8" x 48

9) Approximately, how many cigars (to the nearest 10,000) is Winston Churchill estimated to have smoked in his lifetime?
a) 300,000
b) 250,000
c) 200,000
d) 150,000

10) What does the J in JR Cigars stand for?
a) John
b) Jack
c) Joint
d) None of the above.