Cigar Trivia Quiz

© 2000 by Paul Dixon, & reproduced with kind permission

1) Hunters & Frankau are the UK importers of Havana Cigars. But what did the original company trade in?
a) Leeches
b) Cigarettes
c) Banking
d) None of the above.

2) In 1911, John Hunter, Morris and Elkan Ltd bought a Cuban cigar company. What was its famous brand name?
a) Diademas
b) Punch
c) H.Upmann
d) Flor de Cano

3) When was the H. Upmann Montecristo range launched?
a) 1930
b) 1934
c) 1938
d) 1940

4) What was the name of the founder of the Partagas Brand?
a) Don Quixote Partagas
b) Don Pedro Partagas
c) Don Carlos Partagas
d) Don Jaime Partagas

5) Who wrote "And a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke
a) Winston Churchill
b) Isaac Asimov
c) Rudyard Kipling
d) Charles Dickins

6) Translate Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partagas
a) Royal Partagas Cigar Factory
b) Partagas Real Leaf Factory
c) Partagas Real Fabric Factory
d) The real factory of Partigas Tobacco.

7) According to Cigar World, which London Merchant first had a humidor?
a) Davidoff
b) Fox
c) Lewis
d) Dunhill

8) When was the first recorded Cigar tasting in Britain?
a) 1988
b) 1978
c) 1983
d) None of the above

9) Why did Herman Upmann go to Cuba?
a) To find a new source of leeches
b) To set up a bank
c) To set up a cigar factory
d) To go on holiday

10) According to Cigar World, "In l935 D G Freeman met with Alonzo Menendez at a bar called the 'La Reguladora' just across the street from the H. Upmann factory. They entered at midday, then disappeared. Finally, Alonzo's partner, Pepe Garcia received a cable from Alonzo in New York informing him that they had purchased H. Upmann from J. Frankau for the sum of $250,000". How long did they disappear for?
a) 2 days
b) 5 days
c) 10 days
d) 14 days