Cigar Trivia Quiz

Compiled by Ian Pepper from various books and online sources

Round 1

1) Complete the list, Cuaba, Vegas Robaina,…
a) Vegueros, Trinidad
b) Trinidad
c) Cohiba
d) None of the above, the list is already complete

2) Cuban cigar production is expected to reach X million by the year 2000. What is the value of X?
a) 200
b) 300
c) 400
d) 500

3) John F. Kennedy’s favourite cigar was the
a) H. Upmann Petit Corona
b) Travis Club Corona
c) Por Laranaga Corona
d) Bolivar Royal Corona

4) In the movie "A Few Good Men", Jack Nicholson, playing the role of Colonel Jessup, is smoking a
a) Cohiba
b) Romeo y Julieta
c) Punch
d) You can't tell because the cigar has no band

5) The date of manufacture is codified on the underside of Cuban cigar boxes. The code is NIVEL ACUSO, where N=1, I=2…O=0. What does the phrase nivel acuso mean?
a) ‘Hand made’.
b) ‘Made on’.
c) ‘You are accused’.
d) Nothing, it’s just a code.

6) In what year were Davidoff cigars last produced in Cuba?
a) 1980
b) 1990
c) 1890
d) 1960

7) In 1993, the Dominican Republic exported 55 million cigars. In 1996, the number of cigars exported from the Dominican Republic
a) Stayed the same as in 1993
b) Almost doubled from 1993
c) Almost tripled from 1993
d) Almost quadrupled from 1993

8) Cuban Cohiba cigars are unique in that, some of the tobacco is fermented for a third time. Which part or parts of the cigar benefit from the third fermentation?
a) Binder and filler.
b) Filler only.
c) Binder only.
d) Binder and wrapper.

9) The all-time leading money winning thoroughbred racehorse "Cigar" was named such because
a) He loves a good stogie in his feed tub once in a while
b) He was sired in a tobacco producing state (Maryland)
c) His owner, Allen Paulsen, loves cigars
d) None of the above; his name actually has nothing to do with cigars, smoking, or tobacco

10) John F. Kennedy’s humidor set a record price at auction recently. Who originally presented the humidor to JFK?
a) Robert Kennedy
b) Milton Berle.
c) Pierre Salinger
d) Jackie Onassis.