Cigar Trivia Quiz

Compiled by Ian Pepper from various books and online sources

Round 3

1) What is a ‘puro’?
a) A cigar made from 100% tobacco with no additives
b) A cigar made with the tobacco from one country only
c) A top class cigar roller
d) A generic name for a cigar

2) What is a ‘chaveta’?
a) A cigar making tool
b) A cigar taster
c) The bit chopped off a cigar when it is cut to size
d) None of the above, I made it up

3) Opus X is Fuente’s flagship cigar range, but Fuente were recently involved in a legal battle with Mondavi wines of California. Why?
a) Robert Mondavi believes Opus X is overpriced and wants the price dropped
b) Mondavi were contesting the name vs. their Opus One wine
c) Mondavi find the Fuente cigars far better than conventional bottle corks
d) None of the above

4) What is a ‘filetador’?
a) A US slang term for a home made humidor
b) The person who applies the lithographs to cigars boxes
c) The desk a cigar roller works at
d) None of the above, just a figment of my imagination

5) What is a ‘torpedo’ cigar?
a) A cigar that’s tapered at the foot.
b) A cigar that’s tapered at both ends.
c) A cigar that’s tapered at the head.
d) Another (older) name for a panatela.

6) A ‘culebras’ is an unusual cigar in that:
a) It’s three panatelas twisted together
b) You can light either end, as both ends are cut
c) It has a green wrapper
d) The tobacco is not fermented

7) Cigars are capped at the head, and thus must be cut before lighting. Why are they capped?
a) It’s the way they are rolled, the cigar would unravel otherwise
b) It’s traditional
c) To distinguish them from machine made cigars
d) No particular reason

8) The famous Cuban Cohiba cigars made their public debut (in a slightly different guise) in what year?
a) 1850.
b) 1992
c) 1982
d) 1968.

9) The Cohiba box features a silhouette of a head. Who’s head?
a) It’s a copy of a cameo brooch of Eduardo Ribera’s (creator of Cohiba) mother
b) It’s something dreamed up by a marketing agency
c) It’s the legendary Cuban warrior Hautey
d) It’s a relief from a statue in Castro’s presidential palace

10) What does the word Cohiba mean?
a) The Taino word for ‘cigar’
b) The Taino word for ‘tobacco’
c) In Castellan, slang for ‘the best’
d) Nothing at all, it was made up by Cubatabaco SA