The Do's and Don'ts of Smoking
Havana Cigars

Choosing Your Cigar

Do select a cigar that matches your shape. Thin people should avoid fat cigars, and vice-versa. Don't choose the largest cigar you can find. Showing off is one thing but you run the risk of looking ridiculous.
Do check that your Havana is in condition by pressing it gently to confirm that it is firm but springy. Don't roll it neat to your ear. "Listening to the band" as it is known, will tell you nothing and you will risk ruining the cigar.

Preparing Your Cigar

Do use a guillotine cutter, V cutter or special cigar scissors. Picking or biting off the cap may show that you know how a cigar is made but should only be attempted by aficionados. Don't pierce the end with a match or cocktail stick as this will compress the tobacco inside and form a hump around which tar may form.
Do cut the closed end of the cigar almost to its full width but be careful to leave a part of the cap intact. Don't cut your cigar beneath the cap or the wrapper will start to unwind
Do leave the band on. Removing it will not enhance the flavour of the cigar. Don't remove the band before you start to smoke the cigar. If you feel it is boastful to leave it on, at least wait until the cigar has warmed when you are less likely to damage the wrapper.

Lighting your cigar

Do light your cigar with an odourless flame like a match (After the head has burned) or a butane gas lighter. Don't use a petrol lighter or wax match unless you want your cigar to taste of petrol or wax.
Do take time to light your cigar by first charring the open end in a flame to prepare it for an even ignition. Then place it between your lips and draw the flame onto the cigar whilst rotating it in your fingers. Don't rush lighting your cigar. Badly lit it will prove a source of constant irritation. Seconds saves in bringing it to life are valueless when it should remain with you for an hour or more.

Smoking your cigar

Do hold the smoke in your mouth and allow it to play on your tastebuds. Don't inhale Havana cigar smoke to your boots in the manner of a cigarette smoker.
Do relax and enjoy the flavour of the blend of Havana tobaccos, which have been aged and matured for three years or more. Don't dunk your cigar in a nearby wine or spirit. If you do so it will assume a foreign flavour and you show scant respect for the time and skill that has gone into making it.
Do sip your cigar, as you would a first growth claret. Don't gulp it any more than you would a vintage port.
Do relight your cigar if it goes out by knocking off the surplus ash and rotating the end in a flame. It will re-kindle itself without need to draw on it. Don't worry if your cigar goes out. You have up to an hour before the flavour may be impaired.
Do let long ash form. Its eveness will indicate how well the cigar is made. Allow the ash to fall when it's good and ready, preferably into an ashtray. Don't tap the ash off nervously as it is the habit of cigarette smokers.

Parting With Your Cigar

Do lay your cigar to rest when you are finished with it. It will go out quickly all by itself. Let it die with dignity. Don't stub out your cigar or you may find you have taken on an uneven struggle that will fill the room with unpleasant odours